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Landscaping for your zone

Landscaping for your “zone”. First, what is a zone anyway? How do you know which zone you live in? How do you find that information? There does exist a mapping system that is useful to landscapers and gardeners (professional or novice). This mapping system is essential for the selection of plant material for all landscape […]

SynLawn is great for small yards, it's synthetic looks great and maintenance free.

Chicago Landscapers Make the Most of Small Yards

Homeowners often don’t know how to best landscape small yards, because limited real estate means having to choose a design very selectively.  That’s where having a professional Chicago landscaper comes in.  Susan Heeger of This Old House Magazine offers several great tips to inspire your small space. Front-yard gardens- Particularly in urban centers like Chicago, large back yards […]

Planting in the fall season

Time is running short! The countdown begins for the last successful planting in our fall season for Chicago. Contrary to what the “Big-Box” garden centers would like to have you believe. Planting your tree in the spring when it is in full bloom is not a sound practice from a horticultural stand point. Trees, like […]