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Chicago Landscapers Make the Most of Small Yards

Homeowners often don’t know how to best landscape small yards, because limited real estate means having to choose a design very selectively.  That’s where having a professional Chicago landscaper comes in.  Susan Heeger of This Old House Magazine offers several great tips to inspire your small space.

  1. Front-yard gardens- Particularly in urban centers like Chicago, large back yards tend to be rare.  You may have more space out front, and turning it into a landscaped garden will add major curb appeal to your home.  If your home sits higher on its lot, layered gardens can add texture and space.
  2. Hardscapes- Make sure your paths and walkways are well-constructed, and don’t skimp on width just because your yard is smaller.  Paths should be at least 4 feet across, no matter how much space you have.
  3. Blur the boundaries- Make your yard look larger by forgoing extra side fencing that narrows your space.  Opt instead for trees and hedges, which will serve the same purpose and add beauty to your yard.
  4. Create outdoor rooms- Divide your yard into smaller areas for sitting, swinging, or playing… your yard will feel bigger if they aren’t all visible at once.  Utilize different height levels to maximize this effect.
  5. Care for your side yard- Often neglected, side yards are valuable real estate if your area is small.  When landscaped correctly, they can be a harmonious passage between your two yards and add even more curb appeal to your home.
  6. Utilize containers- Large containers filled with blooming plants and flowers add color and organization to your small yard.  They will also soften your paved spaces and add drama to the focal points in your garden.

We also sell a product called SynLawn that is excellent for small spaces, its synthetic but looks outstanding and is practically maintenance free. Contact us at Medina Lawncare to learn how we can help turn your small yard into the outdoor space of your dreams!

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