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Chicago landscaper offers tips for selecting trees

Chicago landscaper offers tips for selecting trees

Trees can add value to your property, make it more beautiful, and increase your enjoyment when you spend time outdoors.  They may flower in springtime, provide shade in the summer, turn brilliant colors in the fall, and add life to your landscape in the winter.

When selecting trees, the following are some considerations to make:

Weather and soil.  Rainfall in Chicago can be patchy and uneven.  You may get a lot of rain on one week, but then have days or weeks of very dry or hot weather.  Keeping the soil in good condition will help your trees do better in both heavy rains and long spells of dry weather; mulching is one technique used to keep water from evaporating quickly from the soil and keep the soil from becoming too compacted after it gets steeped in rain.  You can select tree types that are more hardy and tolerant of harsh weather conditions such as drought; hackberry, for example, is a tree that’s relatively tolerant to different pH levels in the soil and dry weather.

The height of the tree.  Some people prefer towering trees that will reach their roof or the windows on the second floor of their house.  One consideration to make if you want trees up against your house, is to trim their lower branches for safety reasons; multiple lower branches may give potential home invaders places to hide or to more easily climb so that they can access second-floor windows in your house.  However, any tree-trimming you do should be undertaken with the advice and assistance of experts.

How quickly the tree grows.  Trees that grow quickly may also wind up being more brittle, so that they break more easily and are less resistant to storms.  In general, look into the sturdiness of different tree types to see which ones are more likely to drop branches during a storm or fall over.

Vulnerability to pests and diseases.  Before acquiring a tree for your property, look into its vulnerabilities.  For example, the emerald ash borer has become a major problem for ash trees in Chicago and other parts of the country.

To decide which trees best suit your property, consult with a reputable Chicago landscaper.  When you contact us we can discuss tree types, where to plant them, and – if necessary, the removal of existing trees or stumps.

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