Landscaping for your zone

Landscaping for your “zone”. First, what is a zone anyway? How do you know which
zone you live in? How do you find that information? There does exist a mapping system
that is useful to landscapers and gardeners (professional or novice). This mapping
system is essential for the selection of plant material for all landscape projects large
or small. Why? A “zone” will determine the hardiness of a plant, tree, or shrub based
on that areas growing conditions or weather patterns. It is a great way to determine
the life span of that particular specimen – especially if you are a novice gardener
and are purchasing plants for your home on a budget – according to your zone.

Find your “zone” there are many reliable sources available on the Internet. Just
google “plant zone”. The United States National Arboretum or The US Hardiness Zone
Map will list the many zones for North America.

landscaping zone

Once you have determined where you are, you can begin looking for plants, trees
shrubs, perennials, and annuals. Keeping in mind that where some zones may support
plants as perennials, in your zone those plants may end up being annuals due to the
weather conditions.

So, find your zone and start planning the garden or landscape of your dreams!

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