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Advantages of Hydroseeding by a Commercial Landscape Contractor

If you have to plant grass over a large area with varying soil conditions, at home or in a commercial setting, consider hydroseeding by a Commercial Landscape Contractor.

Hydroseeding is a process that uses a slurry of seeds and mulch sprayed over the prepared dirt. The solution may also include fertilizer, various combinations of seeds, green dye and other products depending on the characteristics of the soil. From a small residence, to school and park fields and miles of roadsides after new construction, there are a multitude of benefits for using this process.

  • Saves Money – Hydroseeding is about 1/4 the cost of sod and is much simpler to install over wide areas in a short period of time. It requires much less maintenance while it’s being established and grows evenly without sod lines.
  • Quick Results – The seeds begin to germinate in 5-7 days and mowing is needed within 3-4 weeks.
  • Erosion Control – Since hydroseeding can germinates quickly, it provides almost immediate erosion control. The mulch clings to the dirt and keeps the seed in place. This makes it perfect for hillsides and slopes.
  • Moisture Retention – The mulch in the slurry retains moisture from sprinkling and rain to help the seeds germinate quickly. It also shades the seeds somewhat before they grow.
  • No Weeds – Unlike using straw for a mulch, hydroseeding mulch has no weed seeds. The grass seed doesn’t have to fight the weeds and can grow without impediments.
  • Mulch Amends the Soil – As the mulch decomposes, it continues to benefit the soil with it’s water retention properties and also improves clay or sandy soils.
  • Custom Blend of Seeds – Each lawn has certain characteristics that require different seeds in different locations. It is easy to spray seeds for sunny conditions and then use seeds for shady conditions where necessary. The result will be a lush lawn in all parts of the yard.

When you’re ready to create beautiful, lush lawns quickly, contact us at Medina Lawncare to discuss whether hydroseeding is the right solution for you. Our experienced landscapers will advise you on the best way to establish your lawn based on your unique situation.

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